Distressed Asset Assessment

Distressed Asset Assessment

Determining What's Right for Your Site

As experts in the design and demands of the commercial real estate market, we’re committed to helping you navigate current market conditions to create the best outcomes possible for your asset and bottom line. We provide distressed asset owners and lenders with the vision and data necessary to revitalize their property before going into default. We offer an array of service options that can be tailored to your unique situation. The resulting information and design concepts can be used to attract additional investors, restructure debt prior to default, and help retain value in the event of default and fire sale.

What Can We Study For You?

Every project is different and requires a custom scope and budget to reach a meaningful design solution. Our forward-focused mindset ensures that proposed interventions prioritize the environmental, social, and financial performance of each property for work that matters to both you and the broader community. We’ve identified three scales of study but recommend a combined approach to examine the broadest range of value potential on your site. A bundle of all three types can be provided at a reduced overall cost.

TYPE 1: Existing Asset Repositioning

Investment: $


Duration: 3-5 Weeks


Meetings: 1 Design Meeting



Conceptual approach to repositioning your existing asset, including change-of-use study (if needed). Minor building modifications may be proposed.


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Read about how we improved the indoor-outdoor connection and rejuvenated leasing numbers at Franklin Square

80 M Street

TYPE 2: Repositioning & New Construction

Investment: $$


Duration: 6-8 Weeks


Meetings: 2-3 Design Meetings



Conceptual studies included in the Type 1: Existing Asset Repositioning option with additional scope to include extensive building modifications
or new construction. Options include overbuilds, expansions, and new vertical construction if possible on the site. Often includes change of use.


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Read about how we delivered the country’s first mass timber overbuild and top-of-market leasing rates at 80 M Street NW.

TYPE 3: Full Redevelopment

Investment: $$–$$$


Duration: 8 Weeks


Meetings: 3 Design Meetings



Conceptual study for the complete demolition and redevelopment of the site.


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See how the transformation of this YMCA achieved a full-building lease and one of DC’s top five per-square-foot sales prices of an office building ever.

Navigating the unknown is our specialty. Whether its a feasibility study or brand repositioning, our process ensures your project gets the attention it needs to make a good (second) first impression. Connect with our experts today.

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