David Wahl

Project Director

“I became an architect because I was attracted to the potential to transform and improve daily life.”

With over three decades of professional architectural experience in the U.S. and abroad, David’s portfolio includes high-end residential, office, commercial, schools, churches, and master planning projects. David also designed beachfront homes and hotels in Bali, Indonesia—making him a natural leader for our most exciting mixed-use developments. As Principal and Project Director, he serves as a client advocate and works on behalf of the team to ensure projects are successful from the design, financial, and community impact perspective. Internally, he’s responsible for connecting the dots across projects and identifying efficiencies and standards that benefit the schedule and bottom line. David developed a passion for scuba diving and photographing aquatic life in Indonesia, and while he doesn’t spend much time diving in DC waters, he remains an avid nature photographer today, even landing a coveted spot in our last two Art Night shows!







Bachelor of Architecture, Temple University