Sarah Barr

Director of Hickok Cole Creative

“I was absorbed by art in my formative years–from poster design to yearbook editing–so I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone when I found a career in creative branding and graphic design.”

Having joined Hickok Cole nearly ten years prior, Sarah launched Hickok Cole Creative in 2013, leveraging a career in design leadership within the commercial real estate industry and expertise in graphic design across mediums. At Hickok Cole, she collaborates with architects and designers on placemaking strategies, oversees creative in-house projects, and orchestrates all of the wonderful parts, pieces, ideas, and people that go into comprehensive brand solutions (from messaging to identity to signage) for commercial and residential clients. Outside the office, Sarah spends time with her wildly artistic family, collects earrings from some of her favorite designers, tries to keep her Peloton streak going, and counts down the days until it’s time for the next beach trip.





Bachelor of Art, University of Mary Washington