Rhea Vaflor

Director of Trendcasting + Lifestyle

“I live in the What’s Next. Inspiration can strike from the most surprising sources, whether it be an up-and-coming artist or new sustainable material, so my ear is always to the ground.”

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Rhea initially came to DC for a career in international economic development but ultimately realized her true passion was interior design or, world-building, as she likes to think of it. Rhea’s endless curiosity and persistence in challenging the status quo make her the ideal Director of Trendcasting. Her previous role, as Director of Lifestyle, focused on delivering hospitality and wellness-inspired, one-of-a-kind designs to her clients across services. Rhea finds inspiration everywhere she goes and often incorporates her travels and global culture (from dance to animation and everything in between) into her designs. Unsurprisingly, her favorite way to unwind is by curling up with a hefty dystopian novel or tending to her Co-Op neighborhood garden.




Associate Principal



MFA, MA, Interior Design and International Development, The George Washington University
Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, Political Science, and Spanish, Virginia Wesleyan University


Interior Design