Associate Principal

Master of Architecture, Catholic University of America

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Catholic University of America

Starr Ashcraft has been with Hickok Cole since 2008 after moving back to the DC area from Boston. Multi-family housing is a passion of hers as she enjoys the complexity of designing buildings for mixed-use, urban living that constantly change with the fabric of the city and trends in the marketplace.

Working with clients to bring their vision to life is what gets her excited to go to work every day. Even though multi-family, mixed-use projects are complicated she thinks of them as the best Jenga puzzle one can master. After 20 years and a dozen or so buildings built, Starr still gets excited about creating beautiful spaces that clients want to brag about.

Starr leads our wood frame projects in the Housing Sector of the office. She’s specialized in wood frame multifamily and mixed use buildings for the duration of her 20 year career and believes it’s the responsibility of architects to respect the efficiencies of wood framing while exposing its beauty and distinguishing those projects from others in the marketplace.