Live Above It All

Live Above It All

Fort Totten Square

Fort Totten Square is a 425,000-SF mixed-use residential development designed to attract Washingtonians to an up-and-coming part of the city. The transit-oriented residence offers spacious apartments and modern conveniences just steps home, including access to three metro lines and 130,000-SF of retail.

Fort Totten Square serves as a focal point for the community, both socially and physically, contributing to the placemaking of the up-and-coming area. Decidedly urban and contemporary, the development uses economical building systems while incorporating familiar residential materials to fit with the existing neighborhood aesthetic and reach a broader market and income bracket.

As the neighborhood continues to establish itself, Fort Totten Square amenities anchor the residential experience, ensuring convenient access to everything residents could wish for including a fitness facility, hidden alcove co-working booths, a game room, and ample outdoor space. Entertainment and lounge areas feature curated local art, including commissioned pieces by emerging artists from DC’s Longview Gallery.

A neutral gray and brown interior architecture palette offers a muted backdrop for dynamic design features such as an outsize communal fireplace bench, royal-toned furniture, and a two-story cobalt ceilinged art gallery. Oversized modern cross-stitched rugs provide pops of color and texture on 18’ high walls while mitigating acoustics in concrete floor and glass-walled spaces.

Two connecting courtyards at the heart of the development offer distinct uses—one features a swimming pool and a heavily landscaped garden while the other houses a large club room surrounded by an outdoor terrace.

Situated at a major intersection, Fort Totten Square is in the ideal location for commuters, providing a direct pathway to the city’s center. During the project, the intersection underwent a renovation, concurrent with the development’s construction, prompting the team to work directly with the city to establish efficient and safe traffic patterns for residents.


5661 3rd St NE
Washington, DC


JBG Companies


Anice Hoachlander
Adrian Wilson


Total: 425,000-SF
Retail: 130,000-SF
Residential: 295,000-SF
345 Units