Washington, DC

American Gas Association

Service Type

Project Type

30,000 SF


American Gas Association (AGA) represents over 200 energy companies supplying natural gas to homes and businesses throughout the United States. For the renovation of their Washington, DC headquarters, the organization sought to create a sense of home to help unify its employees and welcome their members to the nation’s capital. The design team was challenged with bringing employees together, creating a functional home for AGA’s members, exemplifying the mission throughout the space, activating the reception area, and increasing openness and natural light.

The café, coffee bar and reception/lounge is centrally located to spatially and culturally connect the two sections of the office, as well as the various departments. This space provides connection between the workspace and conference rooms, encouraging employees and visitors to activate the reception area throughout the day.

The materiality of the space is inspired by elements of natural gas delivery and extraction and connects employees, members and visitors to AGA’s mission. A custom-tufted banquette in the reception area reminisces of a natural gas pipeline. Wallcovering patterns are inspired by shale. Recovered stove grates are used as artwork on phone room walls. The Ceramic tile is fired in a natural gas kiln. Fumed gumwood millwork at the coffee bar; steel pipe pendant lights are suspended above the communal table; and a herringbone porcelain tile is reminiscent of wood flooring in a home.

AGA’s strong mission is exemplified throughout the space. Sinuous patterns of the slat ceiling—inspired by the AGA logo and the gas flame—visually expand the space and offset unusually low ceilings. The ceiling pattern visually leads visitors from the reception entrance through the space to the large conference center. Light-colored shears were used in the reception and lounge area to shield views to the blank wall of the adjacent building without compromising natural light.