Fanning the Flame

Fanning the Flame

American Gas Association

American Gas Association (AGA) sought to reinvigorate its office space and create a second home for members and guests. This central design concept helped deliver a sense of community to AGA’s multi-generational workforce while exemplifying the organization’s mission and increasing access to natural light.

Inspired by elements of natural gas delivery and extraction, the materiality and finishings of the office connect employees, members, and visitors to the AGA mission. The most obvious example is found in reception where the sinuous patterns of the slat ceiling recall AGA’s gas flame logo, visually expand the space, and offset the unusually low ceilings.

Intentional symbolism continues throughout, including a custom-tufted banquette reminiscent of a natural gas pipeline, wallcovering patterns inspired by shale, recovered stove grates used as artwork on phone room walls, fumed gumwood millwork at the coffee bar, steel pipe pendant lights, and a herringbone porcelain tile reminiscent of wood flooring in a home.

A centrally located cafe, coffee bar, and reception lounge spatially and culturally connect workspaces with conference rooms while encouraging employees and visitors to activate the community areas throughout the day.

The color palette, decor, and furniture selection are essential to the home design concept and thoughtfully designed to maximize both storage and comfort. The subsequent reduction in square footage from the carefully selected furniture components allows for an increase in the quantity of teaming spaces, phone rooms and other support spaces.


400 North Capitol Street NW
Washington, DC


American Gas Association


General Contractor: HITT Contracting


30,000 SF