Washington, DC

Hickok Cole

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25,184 SF

LEED Certification


Welcome to our new home! Attracted to Union Market District’s thriving creative scene and seeking to further its revitalization, we identified 301 N Street NE as the ideal location to start our next chapter. We got to work transforming an industrial 1931 printing warehouse into a two-story contemporary design studio that celebrates the neighborhood’s character, supports our creative culture, and reflects our mission and the future of workplace design.

Staff are united across a dynamic third-floor open office, accounting for future growth and instilling a sense of inclusivity and integration that our former four-story headquarters lacked. Throughout, reservable phone booths and conference rooms support private meetings while flexible, modular workstations accommodate diverse working preferences. A multi-purpose, hospitality-inspired amenity center supports our signature events and internal functions in addition to providing secondary locations for staff to work or socialize among colleagues. Found on the second floor, the amenity center features a private 1,000-SF outdoor terrace, podcast studio, materials library,  a wellness suite, and a cafe and pantry with catering capabilities. Pin-up spaces, a VR station, a Think Tank, and a model shop lend a tactile and engaging component to the design process. A central connecting stair promotes circulation between the two floors, encouraging staff to take advantage of all programming and resources.

The headquarters design breathes new life into the historic Press House building, accentuating preserved architectural elements with innovative design solutions and unexpected pops of color. A custom mural pays homage to the neighborhood’s public art program while providing a vibrant, approachable first impression and distinct color palette for furniture, fabrics, and patterns–including a mint-green color inspired by vintage printing machinery for the preserved second-floor mushroom columns. Color-changing LEDs in centrally located 30-foot-tall skylight monitors extend our personality to the streetscape in the evenings while offering an abundance of natural light during the work day.  Add-on features support the firm’s unique set of needs such as a museum-quality hanging and lighting system to accommodate our growing art collection and annual Art Night fundraiser as well as color tuning installed in conference rooms to test materials and finishes in various temperatures.

Seeking to lead by example, it was paramount that we incorporated the same values and strategies we champion to clients – including targeting FitWel and LEED Gold certification as well as earning our Just label. As with our Georgetown office, we intend to reside in this space for the next three decades, designing it with flexibility, durability, and maintenance in mind to ensure it evolves and thrives alongside the Hickok Cole staff and community.