Richmond, VA

Brenner Pass

Service Type

Project Type

4,000 SF


Brenner Pass is a fresh and modern yet rustic and warm restaurant located in Richmond, VA. The design inspiration behind the restaurant was a confluence of the geographic Alpine region and the industrial Scott’s Addition neighborhood in Richmond. The collision of these influences helped to bring about an element of industrial, modern surprise. The millwork, lighting, and materiality took a page from the classical styles of mid-century Northern Europe. The color palette and artwork features saturated dark teal blue and off-white hues while warm tones were brought in through the pickled oak bar, modern tile patterns, and graphic wood screen separating the bar from the more private dining areas. A simple yet graphic herringbone pickled oak wall highlights the motif of the restaurant’s logo, a representation of the Alps in which Brenner Pass is located.

The bar and gathering table were designed with materials to evoke a comfortable and intimate experience whether it be cocktails or a dinner celebration. The warmer tones were brought in through natural wood elements and custom lighting to create an environment where patrons would not only frequent the restaurant, but choose to sit and stay, interacting with other guests and staff.

A variety of simple materials including pickled oak, ceramic tile, stone, and custom mercury glass along the back bar where used to execute the look. A Swiss cross tile pattern in the restrooms surprises and delights patrons.

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