Campus Reimagined

Campus Reimagined

Building 2 at St. Elizabeths Parcel 17

Central to the reinvigoration of the St. Elizabeths campus, Parcel 17 is a Class A that reflects the physical and design context of the existing historic district. The six-story building requires HPRB approvals and features a mixed-use approach to the ground level, a habitable penthouse level with an expansive north-facing terrace amenity, and a roof trellis with photo-voltaic panels. The main lobby is designed as a through-lobby connecting 13th Street to an open space courtyard lawn.

Addressing Embodied Carbon

In 2021, we received a $10,000 Building Innovation Design Assistance Grant from DC’s Department of Energy and Environment to study the embodied carbon lifecycle analysis of our Parcel 17 project. Embodied carbon was tracked and priced in three structural systems and building envelope details, providing our client with sufficient data to make confident decisions that minimize embodied carbon. Long-term, these insights offer members of the local development community a model for assessing embodied carbon in their own projects.

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1201 Sycamore Drive SE
Washington, DC 20020


Redbrick, LMD


160,354 SF




Targeting LEED Platinum