An Alpine Escapade

An Alpine Escapade

Brenner Pass

At 4,200-SF, Brenner Pass is a Northern European restaurant with patio seating, located in Richmond’s Scott’s Addition. The interior design pulls inspiration from the neighborhood’s industrial past and fuses it with elements of the geographic Alpine region, resulting in a modern take for a delightfully rustic dining experience.

To reflect the aesthetic of the restaurant’s geographic namesake, a predominant off-white color palette is contrasted with pops of color from dark teal walls and artwork on display, while warm tones are introduced through the pickled oak bar, modern tile patterns, and graphic wood screen separating the bar from private dining areas.

The bar and gathering table serve as the main focus of the design, creating an open, lively, and visible dining experience. Materiality takes a page from the classical styles of mid-century Northern Europe. Incorporated in the bar area are natural wood elements and warm lighting, evoking a sense of comfort and creating an environment that patrons not only frequent but remain for extended periods of time to mingle with friends and staff.

Delicate features continuously allude to the Euro-inspired design, including a subtle herringbone wall highlighting the Alps motif of the restaurant’s logo as well as the refined Swiss cross tile pattern along the restroom walls. These delightful details combined with the open and airy space provide customers with a dining experience unlike any other in the city.


3200 Rockbridge Street
No. 100
Richmond, VA


Brenner Pass
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