Redefining Urban Senior Living

Redefining Urban Senior Living

A New Generation of Housing

“The Baby Boomer Wave” refers to the significant population of Americans entering retirement and thinking about their next chapter—including where and how they want to live as they age. Accommodating the unique needs and active lifestyle of the country’s second-largest generation is challenging developers and designers to redefine the senior housing stereotype for the urban environment.

Ahead of the Wave

The Baby Boomer population seeks engagement in urban centers, the ability to stay active as they age, opportunities for lifelong learning, and social enrichment. As members of the design and real estate community, how can we address this criterion while ensuring housing stock can adequately transition alongside this generation’s future needs?

Current Stock Analysis

Through comparative analysis of existing senior housing stock in the DMV, we identified deficiencies in the model. Choosing to focus on a portion of the Boomer generation that would prefer to continue living independently, we identified how current models could be improved to meet their living requirements.

Senior Solutions

We posited that current multifamily building typologies and property management models could adjust for senior conditions and thrive within urban centers. To capture the market share of this affluent rent-by-choice audience, developments must be equipped to conveniently facilitate their desired lifestyle.

Long-Term Lifestyle

On-site access to multigenerational programming, health services, and outdoor space combined with proximity to multiple transportation options, cultural institutions, and retail and entertainment, ensure the continued enrichment of residents as they age.

Retirement Ready

We’ve long understood that housing for our aging population is a reality and a challenge and that a new design perspective is needed to support the way this population wants to thrive. Senior housing is an important contribution to a diverse urban fabric, and we’re ready to apply what we’ve learned to create communities where this growing market can live full, seamless, and active lives.

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