Washington, DC

Perseus Realty, LLC

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Residential: 35 units, 8 of which are IZ units
Retail: 16,200 SF
Parking: 67,000 SF


Capitol Hill’s iconic Frager’s Hardware was opened by Fritz Frager in 1920 and has provided the neighborhood with home improvement and building supplies for nearly 100 years. In the summer of 2013, most of the building tragically burned down with only a brick façade along the two main streets remaining. The redevelopment efforts for this project included historic restoration of the remaining facades and the construction of all new floors, and well as three additional new floors, as well as a below grade level with retail space and parking. Hickok Cole managed to salvage and preserve most of the original façade and the street-level impact of the historic building. The additional levels step back from the original façade on every floor, minimizing the impact on the original facades. An all new infill piece provides a modern interpretation of the original building, and provides a new location for the returning hardware story and new residential lobby. Behind the original facades on the ground floor will provide gracious retail and restaurant space. The original building also has an irregular shape, created by the meeting of the Pennsylvania Avenue and 11th Street at a 45 degree angle. The shape of the site combined with the strategy of stepping back the building on every floor presented a challenge and an opportunity to design a condominium building where the majority of the units have outdoor terraces and unobstructed views of the nation’s Capitol.