Midlothian, VA


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26,120 SF


Seeking to extend its footprint beyond Richmond-proper and capture the growing remote suburban workforce, Gather Midlothian marks the coworking community’s eighth location. Together, Gather and the project team transformed a 26,000-SF space into a collaborative hub highlighting Midlothian history and Gather’s mission to celebrate entrepreneurship and position local businesses for success. Inspired by the nearby Midlothian Mines – turned 44-acre park and landmark – the resulting design fuses Gather’s branded graphics and blue and white palette with industrial elements for a modern interpretation of local mining history.

Guests and tenants are greeted by a vibrant reception area with a custom-built terrazzo desk and tunnel-inspired mural. Unique to Midlothian is the isolation of shared spaces to the ground level, including a guest lounge and leasing office. Coworking options accommodate all tenant types with offices that vary in shape and size, allowing tenants to grow comfortably within the Midlothian location.

Flexible workstations include a café and bar, train-inspired banquettes, private phone booths, and independent reading nooks. Several large conference rooms are fully integrated with seamless plug-and-play technology. Soothing wellness rooms offer respite to employees or privacy to new mothers. Seeking to bring the outdoors in, custom garage doors open onto an outdoor patio with park views while southern-facing desks overlook the trees.

Around the office, motivational statements connect to the overarching brand, including Gather’s signature “Let’s Do This” tagline incorporated in tile above the central pantry.  Subtle details like coal-inspired and vintage metro tiles,  and lanterns and globe lighting like what miners carry, as well as gemstone artwork and shimmery geometric wallpaper, anchor the design concept further.

As the workforce returns to the physical office following an 18-month hiatus, Gather Midlothian makes the transition convenient and accessible, accommodating those testing hybrid-work models or in pursuit of a third-space close to home. With an engaging design, collaborative workstations, and a location within walking distance of Winterfield Crossing retail, Gather Midlothian provides the ideal environment for local professionals to launch their next chapter.