Washington, DC

May Riegler, St. Thomas’ Parish

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65,869 sf

2020 MHN Excellence Award - Best Adaptive Reuse, Gold; 2020 NAIOP DC|MD Award of Excellence - Best Institutional Facility

1772 Church Street transforms a historic parish hall, the ruins of an 1800’s church and green space into 55 residential units and a new 18,000 SF neighborhood church. The design transitions from the row-house scale of Church Street to 18th street, and gives appropriate identity to the residential component and Church in a cohesive composition.

Scale of the design transitions from smaller to larger as the project extends towards 18th Street. Furthest from 18th Street is the 2-story existing parish hall. The inside is transformed into residential units, expanded with new levels above but set back from street. Second is the all-new residential portion, composed of masonry with row-house scaled bays with modern detailing. Height is gained with metal and glass upper floors that step back. Last is the 4-story church. The second floor sanctuary floats above the glassy ground floor, which opens to the public and includes relics from the old church. The sanctuary is wrapped in a terracotta rain-screen penetrated by windows, allowing natural light in, and glowing from within at night. A light scoop also brings light into the sanctuary. The 3rd floor includes classrooms and the fourth floor a fellowship hall that provides views to neighborhood.