artist residency + garden

artist residency + garden

The Nicholson Project

The Nicholson Project is an artist residency program coupled with a neighborhood garden that works to support artists and serves as a creative and innovative cultural hub. Hickok Cole Creative developed a flexible identity destined to grow over time.

a set of four snapshots combined in a line. from right: a detail shot of a permanent installation on The Nicholson Project stairs, a group of canned vegetables from the garden, a colorful detail shot of the exhibit by the inaugural artist-in-residence, and a bright green image of lettuces growing in the garden
The Nicholson Project Logo Expression
a photograph of The Nicholson Project opening party, outside in the community garden with the teal siding of the house in the background. In the foreground, a diverse group of people clap in varying degrees of focus.
image of a room in The Nicholson Project gallery. original floors, white walls and ceiling are punctuated by an applied exhibit description, "Goosin' DC" with introductory blurb below. To the right a photograph shows a group of Black men in white posing against a blue background. Through a door in the middle, the hallway and other galleries are visible.
out-of-focus image of Black child holding a bunch of carrots pulled from the garden beds. they have braided shoulder-length hair and wear a pink long-sleeved shirt.
The Nicholson Project Style Guide


Washington, DC


The Nicholson Project


Photography: Anne Kim Photography



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