Redefining Club Culture

Redefining Club Culture

Salisbury Country Club

A 12,500-SF colonial-style country club lounge transformed into a sophisticated entertainment destination for socializing, upscale dining, and private events designed to appeal to both legacy and target members moving to the area from larger markets.

The new design departs from the typical country club environment, challenging the perception of a neutral palette and leveraging materiality to establish a warm, hospitality-driven perspective that appeals to members across generations. Mohair and velvet furniture combine with rustic leather and wood finishes while deep navy and hunter-green tones are contrasted against pops of metallics and bright accent hues.

The vernacular aspect of traditional Virginia architecture is articulated through an abundance of wood and Walter Morris hunting prints, balanced by a natural motif depicted in wallpaper and other decorative elements. Adorning the walls is a collection of works curated by Salisbury’s new art program. Focusing on Richmond-based artists, some of the pieces in the collection are by members of the country club adding an extra personal touch.


13620 W Salisbury Rd
Midlothian, VA 23113


Salisbury Country Club


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