Inclusivity in Action

Inclusivity in Action


A new 20,000-SF headquarters embodies the spirit of public service, considering all users and stakeholders to reflect Nava’s commitment to equity and inclusion. The new design mirrors Nava’s approach to government relations – beginning with a thorough understanding of the root problem and history to identify long-term solutions. The resulting program prioritizes flexibility, accessibility, and comfort to promote diversity and connection within all facets of the organization.

Neighborhoods by Need

Neighborhoods balance social stimulation with standard and customizable features to support staff needs–including sensitivities and medical conditions. Dedicated whiteboards support ideation while pin-up boards allow for personalized desks in a hoteling environment. Studies revealed the ideal desk size and workstation groupings for an intimate environment, with dimmable lighting, adjustable-height desks, acoustic ceiling clouds, and natural daylight.

Right-Sized Gathering

New spaces that support the collaboration and culture staff miss working remotely establish the office as a destination worth seeking out. A library, private lounge areas, communal tables for puzzles, and flexible, ergonomic furniture offer the comfort of home in an inclusive environment. A neutral blue palette complements the use of natural warm wood and original exposed brick, creating contrast through soft, tactile wallcoverings and felt luminaires.

To preserve the building’s historic character, the floor plan prioritizes special gathering spaces around existing fireplaces, brick archways, and views of monuments.

Inclusion Through Technology

Gathering with colleagues and clients is made easy with a fully-equipped conference center and flexible cafe – creating new opportunities for events. Full-equipped collaboration spaces, focus zones, and sound-proof phone rooms accommodate various work styles while video meeting rooms mimic in-person experiences for remote workers.


1445 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20005


Nava PBC


PM: ORR Partners
Tenant Broker: CBRE
GC: Bognet Construction
MEP: Omega Engineering
Structural: SK&A
Furniture: American Office


20,000 SF


Interior Design