At Hickok Cole we believe that your career development should be in your own hands. Each individual staff member, with the assistance of senior staff, prepares a personalized career development plan. The plan is based on the results of an annual evaluation and includes a review of work history, short-term and long-term career goals and an outline of project types that will provide the best opportunity to build professional skills and accomplish personal goals.


The Mentoring Program at Hickok Cole structures and nurtures the collaborative learning experience within the office. The program facilitates the sharing of knowledge among all members of the firm at every level. It is our goal to help all staff broaden their skills, expertise and assume new responsibilities and sharing their knowledge with others.


We are an AIA CEU and provide educational opportunities to our staff. Topics are those required by the staff to do their job, to advance in their profession and to inform/train staff in firm/industry accepted/vetted practices. Professional development seminars are also sponsored by local and national companies and full service providers ranging from furniture to exterior cladding materials.

Review Process

One of the ways we take an active role in each employee’s professional development is through the annual review process. We meet with each employee to identify career goals and identify the best opportunities to build professional skills and accomplish those goals.

Open Positions

Hickok Cole Architects offers competitive salaries and a full range of benefits in a rewarding, career-oriented environment.