Full Circle Committee Calls on Scooby Doo and The Gang For Canstruction

Hickok Cole Architects’ Full Circle Committee alongside Ehlert Bryan and Bohler Engineering are proud to announce that they’ll be a part of the annual Canstruction charity event. The Canstruction charity event showcases teams and their colossal structures created from canned goods that will eventually be donated to the Capital Area Food Bank in supporting the fight against hunger.

The theme this year is transportation and they’ve teamed up with Scooby Doo and The Gang with their Mystery Machine to help them transport the canned goods. However, in true fashion, we all know it’s never quite that simple when Scooby and Shaggy are involved. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see how this trip unfolds to the Capital Area Food Bank!

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Hey Gang,

CANstruction was a huge success! Team Hickok Cole / Ehlert Bryan with the assistance of Bohler Engineering successfully CAN-structed a sculpture of the Mystery Machine made of nearly 3,400 cans! We had a great turn-out of around 16 volunteers who furiously cut, taped, drilled, set and stacked for 4 hours at the National Building Museum, finishing the giant CAN-sculpture with plenty of time to spare. Scooby Doo also made an appearance, and took the time to greet his adoring fans. We’d like to thank everyone who contributed their time and effort over the past several months to make this possible. It took many team meetings, a successful fundraising campaign, a ton of model iterations, a bunch of illustrating, a handful of Safeway visits for research, several weekends of prep work and boxes of Scooby Snacks to get it done—all for a great cause.

There’s still a week left in the Fundraising and Can-Food drive with the coveted People’s Choice award at stake!  And with Thanksgiving just a few days away your contributions to the Capital Area Food Bank mean more than ever!  $1 = 1 Vote and 1 can = 1 vote.  So far our team has been putting up some really impressive numbers. Our online fundraising campaign has collected nearly $700 thanks to Ehlert Bryan’s office raffle, and the food drive held by Bohler’s regional offices collected an astonishing amount of cans. They collected so many cans, that we filled the back of a bulky ’96 Ford Aerostar with the seats removed. Altogether, over 1000 cans were collected!

The sculpture will remain on display in the Great Hall of the National Building Museum until November 30th. On that day we’ll find out the results of the judging during the award ceremony followed by De-canstruction (when all of the cans will be collected by the Capital Area Food Bank).

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