Senior Associate

Master of Architecture, Clemson University

Bachelor of Science in Design, Clemson University

Thomas Corrado has been part of Hickok Cole Architects since graduating from Clemson University in 2006 with a Masters of Architecture. Thomas has worked on a variety of projects within the office. These range from large scale commercial interiors for the Department of Justice, to build to suit projects that include the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Outside of project work, Thomas directs the office’s Design Committee, runs the office’s fabrication lab, organizes the company softball team and curates the office’s design library. Thomas is an associate member of the AIA and a member DCBIA DLD.

A few of Thomas’ interests regarding design are the city as a living organism, urban studies, the idea of place making and how digital fabrication and material science will drive architecture and design in the 21st century.

When not thinking about architecture and design, Thomas is a proud father and husband that listens to entirely too much music, cooks with friends and family and watches copious amounts of sports, but none more than the Washington Redskins.