Digital Design and Technology Manager

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The University of Khartoum

Master of Science in Virtual Environments, University College London

Originally from Khartoum in Sudan, Zaki spent most of his youth in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He began drawing technical perspective scenes in his junior year of high school. Fascinated by rendering buildings and driven by a passion for details, Zaki returned to his hometown to study architecture at the University of Khartoum. Since then, he’s accumulated over two decades of design, architecture, teaching, and BIM, with a focus on sustainability and computational parametric design. In 2017, Zaki moved to Maryland to be closer to his in-laws and has held positions at several area firms. Seeking a change, he found himself attracted to Hickok Cole’s community values and is eager to work among caring people who share his passion for innovative and sustainable design. In his current position, Zaki is responsible for leading the integration of technology to establish cohesive program procedures and drive project efficiency and innovation through digital design. Beyond reading and various research projects, Zaki loves traveling and exploring new places with his family – he recently oversaw the commissioning of a 45-foot chandelier in Prague. He’s always up for any activity with his kids, especially go-kart racing and ping-pong (he could do it all day)!