Interior Designer

Master of Fine Arts, New York School of Interior Design

Bachelor of Arts in Communications, University of Maryland

Tessa Almond was born in the Philippines and immigrated with her family to Berwyn Heights, MD when she was 5 years old. Growing up, her father worked for hotels where she’d admire the luxurious design and the way people moved through public spaces. In high school, Tessa took an interior design course and designed a room that was selected to stage a model home. After studying communications, art history, and archaeology at UMD, she landed a gig with an interior designer at a commercial real estate company. That’s when her gut told her to pursue design and an MFA in NYC followed by time in California which re-exposed her to hospitality and residential design. Now back in the DMV, she’s excited to be living near her parents (5 minutes to be exact) and learn about the diverse local design and arts community. Tessa’s hobbies include hiking, climbing trees (when the pollen count isn’t too high), and attempting to play the ukulele. She enjoys international travel with her husband and son and tastes McDonald’s french fries every stop along the way.