Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Maryland

Master of Architecture, University of Michigan

Mary grew up in the Annapolis, MD area but claims to be a “bad Annapolitan” because she doesn’t sail, like Old Bay, or own anything with a Maryland flag on it. Her interest in architecture came after taking classes at her local community college and finding the profession quenches both the creative and analytical parts of her brain. In the hunt for her new job, Mary found alignment with our core values and was as impressed by our portfolio as our office culture and camaraderie. Now on the housing team, she looks forward to learning the intricacies of how large-scale projects come together, while hopefully applying some of the material she’s learning studying for her ARE’s. Mary finds her Zen in nature and enjoys hiking and photographing landscapes. She also oil paints and makes AI-assisted digital art. Recently, she traveled to Iceland where she saw the Aurora Borealis (spoiler alert: they’re as amazing as you’d expect) and to Japan for her thesis prep course where a major highlight was a robot restaurant show.