Arlington, VA

Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive (WPNI)

Service Type

Project Type

90,000 sf


Design Challenge

Washingtonpost. Newsweek Interactive (WPNI) had been housed in hand-me-down space since it first began. WPNI’s new corporate headquarters would be its first truly designed workspace, and the company wanted its space to convey its progressive corporate culture, support the way in which it produces and distributes the news, support its demanding conference needs, and attract and retain top talent.

Design Solution

  • The design team immediately recognized that despite WPNI’s high level of electronic connectedness, personal communication and interaction between employees was essential to the success of this high-energy and continually evolving news organization.
  • Reflecting the open, transparent and free-thinking nature of WPNI’s culture, the design is organized around a centrally located, open, glassy three-story intercommunicating stairway. This core of vertical circulation leads to the conference center on the main floor, the lounge and kitchen area on another floor with the newsroom on the third floor. The stairway encourages employees to travel throughout the center of the space and fosters incidental communications.
  • The open office concept was to locate intermittent offices grouped together with a conference room shared by two offices along the window to reduce office sizes. Semi-transparent screens and glass perimeter offices allow light to flood the open floor plan.
  • In lieu of a strict barrier, a see-through, multi-functional “blue wall” on the tenth floor offers display space while acting as a divider from the café area.

Client quote

Eric Koefoot, WPNI’s former Chief Financial Officer, affirms that “the remarkable office design for washingtonpost.com…thoughtfully expressed our company culture, attitude, and outlook.  As a result, it dramatically and positively impacted the level of collaboration within our team and the quality of our internationally acclaimed news site.”