Arlington, VA

US Patent and Trademark Office at Randolph Square

Service Type

Project Type

168,000 sf

January 2010

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a federal agency in the Department of Commerce. The primary services the agency provides include processing patent and trademark applications and disseminating patent and trademark information. The USPTO mission is to ensure that the intellectual property system contributes to a strong global economy, encourages investment in innovation, and fosters entrepreneurial spirit.

Branding features of the space include:

  • Utilization of abstracted patent applications taken from USPTO records as three dimensional graphics on feature walls located on each side of the elevator lobbies; each floor has its own identity (drafting compass, flying machine or bi-plane, microscope, roller coaster, paper clip, “separating fastener” or zipper, “electrical musical instrument” or electric guitar, “sport boat” or sail boat)
  • One feature wall of the lobby is a three dimensional graphic representation of the patent; the other feature wall of the lobby is a composition of plexi-glass panels with enlarged images selected from the actual patent including the inventor’s name, date of application, name of the invention, and patent number
  • Architectural detailing in elevator lobbies provides a consistent and creative way to promote the mission of the USPTO to the employees and the members of the public who visit the site; individual patents provide distinct floor identification for USPTO
  • Way-finding signage utilizes the same graphic background as feature walls and floor numbers which have also been abstracted

Features of the space include:

  • Wider aisles planned to allow for large delivery carts to move through the space minimizing damage to walls and furniture
  • 3,600 sf Mail Distribution Room for all US Patent and Trademark applications (USPTO is the largest recipient of US Postal Service overnight mail – 10,000 pieces per day; USPTO examined 485,500 patent filings and 352,051 trademark filings in FY2009)
  • 600 sf Main Distribution Frame Room which houses LAN, telephone and security equipment; supplemental vertically-stacked Communications Rooms were provided on each floor to provide easy routing of all telephone/data/security cabling
  • Consistently located support function areas were incorporated into the design in order to provide way-finding and ease of access for all occupants