500-501 N Union Street

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West Building: 130,000 sf
East Building: 108,000 sf


Hickok Cole Architects is currently master planning the 500 and 501 North Union site in Alexandria, Virginia, at the north edge of Old Town. The project includes 240,000 sf of mixed use development in two new buildings, one on each side of North Union Street. The West Building, 500 North Union, includes the construction of a 130,000 sf mixed-use building featuring 29 residential condo units, approximately 125 hotel rooms, ground floor retail and one level of below-grade parking. The East Building, 501 North Union, includes a 108,000 sf mixed-use building featuring 48 residential condo units, ground floor retail, and one level of below-grade parking. The East Building also features a Pavilion, which fronts the Waterfront Promenade and the Potomac River.

The site is currently developed with two warehouse buildings and loading areas, as well as a pier that projects into the Potomac River. The existing warehouse structures will be demolished to make way for the new landscape which will be open to the public. The proposed development will generate an authentic and elegant sense of place. Upon arrival from any direction, the buildings have been carefully placed to open up views of the water, and the parks. The landscape plan provides for wider sidewalks, a Waterfront Promenade, and opens plazas for outdoor dining at the restaurants. The building is broken into smaller brick components to create an appropriate transition to the scale of the surrounding neighborhood. Robinson Terminal North is slated for completion in 2018.