Washington, DC


Service Type

Project Type

12,000 sf


2014 IIDA Mid-Atlantic Gold Award, Interior Architecture Commercial Under 20,000 SF

This 12,000 sf facility is home to Pfizer’s Government Affairs office. As one of the U.S’s largest research companies in the world, Pfizer challenged the project team to design a space that reflects its strong corporate brand while also considering an image which is more commensurate with the expectations of their conservative Capitol Hill visitors.

The project showcases the Pfizer brand throughout the space, including the logo, shapes and colors, in a variety of ways. An abstract graphic wall using the Pfizer logo greets visitors and provides translucent views of activity beyond. The use of wood is welcoming for employees and visitors and incorporates shapes reminiscent of the Pfizer logo in a colorful way. This wood form denotes the entrance to the office areas and directs visitors toward the conference and break out areas. Back-lit graphic images representing Pfizer’s corporate initiatives of innovation, research and nature are displayed for visitors on the way to the conference room.

The conference room is separated from the corridor with patterned glass exhibiting the Pfizer brand. Glass doors with the same pattern open to a break-out area. Fabrics incorporate the brand colors and the pantry is separated from the corridor using Pfizer blue colored glass that provides a focal point at the end of the corridor. Glass-fronted offices are located on the interior to allow natural light into the space and have a branded patterned film for privacy. The result is a project that fosters a culture of transparency while showcasing company brand.