Loudoun County, Virginia

Comstock Partners, LLC

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Project Type

Residential: 45,000 sf
Retail: 18,000 sf
Parking: 54,000 sf

The primary goal of the master plan is to create a lively mixed-use community connected by a variety of open public spaces including a public garden, an office court, and a raised terrace adjacent to the new Loudoun Station Metro. The master plan contains residential buildings, office buildings, and a hotel, all of which include retail space on the ground floor. The variety of buildings, spaces, views, activities and parking all work together to create a dynamic development to serve the unique needs of this metro-oriented community.

Each public space has its own distinguishing character and is able to accommodate a variety of activities. The largest space is a central public garden, approximately 200’ wide by 400’ long. The garden is lined by retail activity on three sides, including a movie complex and restaurants; the fourth side opens to a view of the new metro station. Key features of the garden include a pond, an amphitheater, and a large grassy area for recreational activities. A curvilinear path crosses the garden at key locations, with pavilions located at each intersection point to provide access to the metro parking below. The residential buildings facing the garden provide the space with a sense of community and security during the evening hours.

In contrast to the garden space, the office court is a paved area. A continuous glass canopy lines the court and provides a covered entry for each building. The design of the space includes large planter boxes which are spaced to allow for conversion into a farmer’s market on the weekends when the office buildings are not in use.

An upper terrace, the final public space, provides direct access to the metro bridge. The plaza is anchored by a prominent hotel on one side and a signature office building on the opposite side, both highly visible from Route 267. From the upper terrace, visitors arriving by metro will see a stunning view of everything the project has to offer and clearly identify paths to their favorite stores or the movie complex.

On the southern end of the site, the master plan includes up to 4 office buildings and a signature hotel adjacent to the highway and metro station. It also houses a large below-grade metro parking facility. Skylights from the garden and court above are designed to bring natural light into the garage. A pair of residential towers overlooks the central garden. The northern part of the site includes four and five-story residential buildings and a movie theater.

The master plan is very pedestrian-friendly. Entrances to the parking garages are located at the perimeter of the site along Loudon Station Drive and Metro Center Drive. This minimizes the amount of cars in the public spaces, and smaller drives allow visitors to be dropped off at any building.

The variety of building heights and building uses, as well as the wide range of open public spaces, create interesting place to live, work, and play. The master plan will serve the needs of a wide range of people and create a genuinely unique prototype for a new metro-oriented community in Loudoun County, Virginia.