Chantilly, VA

BPG Properties, Ltd.

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Project Type

100 acres
6 office buildings totalling 1 million sf
3 retail buildings totalling 126,400 sf
2 hotel buildings totalling 212,000 sf

LEED Certification
Building One
LEED Silver certified
Building Two
LEED Platinum certified

Master Plan - 2005
Building One - 2007
Building Two – 2009
Building Three, Hotels and Retail - 2014

Commonwealth Centre is a 116-acre, mixed-use office park located in the heart of Westfields, just off Route 28 in Loudoun County. The Philadelphia based developer who purchased the site came with a clear vision: Commonwealth Centre would be a fully sustainable, mixed-use development that would provide its tenants with Class A office buildings and on-site amenities such as hotels, restaurants, health club and business services within a walkable, pedestrian scaled environment. In 2005, the Developer hired the Hickok Cole Architects to lead a team of consultants to design, engineer and re-zone the site to implement their vision.

More than a year of arduous design and approval process resulted in a fully approved site plan that includes 900,000 SF of Class A office space in six buildings, two hotels offering 400 rooms, and 60,000 SF of street front retail space. The master plan is an integrated development which balances the needs of the pedestrian with the needs of the automobile. The site is organized around a central “main street” of shops and two flanking hotels. Highly landscaped pedestrian paths connect Main Street to a surrounding loop of office buildings, providing office tenants direct access to the retail center.

The Developer and the Architect had sustainability as an overarching goal. Utilizing the LEED Campus Overlay guidelines, the site has been planned so that each building in the development can achieve LEED Silver Certification or higher.