Alexandria, VA

Children's Hospital Association

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22,000 sf


Children’s Hospital Association is the voice and advocate for more than 220 children’s hospitals across the nation. CHA relocated their headquarters from Alexandria, Virginia to 600 13th Street downtown, allowing for a closer connection to Capitol Hill to support their public policy initiatives.

The new headquarters’ design focuses on bringing a culture to life by means of connecting individuals through a variety of shared spaces for groups tasks while respecting individual work modes and allowing areas for focus work to take place.

CHA asked the design team to create a space that felt modern, open, and welcoming while reflecting who they are as an organization. The design team took inspiration from a classic children’s game of jacks and abstracted that form to create a unifying architectural canopy and screen element that spans shared spaces over 80 feet long. This architectural element provides a layer of privacy to select meeting areas while connecting a series of spaces along the main circulation route of the space.

A series of six spaces, housed within the work zone, are enclosed with glass partitions and sliding doors on each side create the “Hive.” These spaces separate two areas of open office and allow for easy access on both sides for impromptu small meetings, webinars and idea sharing to take place. The Hive features colored film applied to the glass at varying opacity levels to allow for visual privacy while creating an ever changing spectrum of color as the doors slide across the glass panels.

In addition to the jack motif used within the space, photographs of children from CHA’s member hospitals are placed within a carved, illuminated wall that will be experienced by employees and visitors as an inspiration for the mission of Children’s Hospital Association.