Washington, DC

Bread for the World

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18,000 sf


  • Bread for the World is a Christian non-profit whose mission is to end hunger. They support¬†grass-roots efforts to change both domestic and global policy.
  • Their new location is on the 12th floor of an office building. Floor-to-ceiling glass provides amazing views of the capitol. BFTW wanted the views of the capitol to be prominent, since much of their work is aimed at lobbying efforts and changing policy.
  • Since BFTW sees a lot of visitors, they wanted a professional and sophisticated space that was warm and inviting.
  • The reception area leading to the breakout area / conference rooms is the focal point of the design. The reception area welcomes visitors and directs people towards the breakout/conference area with views of the Capitol. The area is intended to serve as an activity hub for both employees and visitors.