Washington, DC


Service Type

Project Type

1,000,000 sf


Located in the heart of downtown DC amid a sea of generic office buildings, the project had two-fold goals: first, to create a vibrant mixed use destination and second, to achieve a cohesive architectural composition with a density of approximately 1 million square feet.

A public courtyard surrounded by retail organizes the composition of two office buildings and a hotel. The main entry to the buildings and the courtyard are biased towards the primary corner of the site. Through the use of cuts, folds, and peels, the buildings hold the corner while they open up to the interior, drawing pedestrians in and maximizing the office tenants’ views out.

The narrower than usual office floorplates enjoy natural light and views both to the city and the courtyard. This generous public space becomes the center of activity: part park, part plaza, both commercial and civic, in a way that recalls the plazas throughout old towns.