Herndon, VA

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Building Summary

The newly renovated Dominion Point Office Building features a new conference center and comprehensive amenity package including meeting spaces, café pavilion, lounge, and fitness center.

The new design focuses on establishing a new building character that is cohesive from the outside to the inside. From the street to the building interiors, we focused on how people will experience the building and its materials. The renovations enhance our first impressions and give the building a unique and memorable identity.

Building users and visitors are at the heart of the design.

The renovated north and south building entries vastly improve the experience of the daily user and the building visitor. The daily user will find the south lobby is tall and day lighted, with clean lines, natural stone and wood finishes. The north visitor lobby features a marble reception desk, that doubles as conference registration and check in. A large branding wall with living green wall highlights the visitor arrival experience.

The building lobbies are linked together through a central spine of activity in central atrium. New amenity spaces provides a variety of uses allowing for privacy and socialization. Each space is integrated with technology to give users flexibility to meet, touchdown, or charge up. The café pavilion anchors the voluminous skylight atrium with a wet bar, coffee station, and healthy vending options. Its metal structure and wood finishes feel substantial and airy at the same time. Bar height tables with integrated power allow for individual and group uses. The conference center features technology and hospitality, with built-in flexibility to host two 60 person meetings, or combined 120 attendees. The conference center is programmed for ease of use, from check-in to catered events. Large sofas and armchairs in the lounge are a welcome breakout area during events.  Boutique meeting and phone rooms are available for all building users.

Design Concept

The design concept features a unique integration of green elements from outside to inside. New exterior hardscape, feature landscaping, and outdoor seating areas highlight the building south entry. This functional outdoor space cue users to the green elements inside the building. Wood and stone finishes, with new plantings, river rocks, metal screens, and living green walls tie together the different spaces on the interior. These elements complement the exposed columns and beams at the atrium and provide a contrast of weightiness and lightness. Natural materials and elegant finishes complement the overall building language.