Arlington, VA

Service Type

Project Type

534,000 SF
Retail: 15,000 SF


1901 North Moore is premier site along the Potomac River. The concept design would replace an existing outdated office building with a luxury condo tower with 122 units, and apartment tower with 285 units. Rising over 283 feet tall on the northern tip of the site, the condo tower would provide unparalleled, unobstructed views of the Potomac River and Washington, D.C. The apartment tower on the southern end of the site also would provide near 360 views of Rosslyn and beyond. The towers were designed with a progressive sustainability mindset, with a high efficiency façade incorporating sun shading devices, and wind turbines slipped in between the two towers that were shaped to perform like a wind scoop. Connections between the two towers at various levels allow for sharing of upper level amenities and rooftop terraces. A ground floor level with retail and separate lobbies for the apartments and condo command the entire block, and navigate the nearly one-story elevation change from one side to the other.