Washington, DC

Perseus Realty

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Approximately 90,000 sf

2009 AIA|DC Washington Unbuilt Awards, Honor Award

Hickok Cole Architects has direct experience with modular housing through our 16th & Constitution, NE, Washington, DC project.

It was the goal of Hickok Cole and our client, Perseus Realty, to redefine workforce urban housing. Driven by a strong commitment to sustainable design and respect to the urban fabric, the solution is a reinterpretation of an old and proven building typology—the courtyard building—which incorporates new sustainable design techniques. We accomplished the client’s goals with a design approach and final solution that is fully integrated with modular construction.

The modular approach facilitated our desire to champion cross ventilation and light from all sides by using through-units organized around a central courtyard. Hickok Cole worked closely with Deluxe Building Systems in Pennsylvania to ensure that the design concept was fully integrated with their factory built modular system. Approximately 140 units will be fabricated in a factory. The controlled factory environment will enhance construction accuracy, reduce project waste, and eliminate weather-related site delays. By building in a factory, the construction process will be smoother and easier to manage, and will result in a tighter, more accurate product that will ultimately save time, energy, and money for both clients and residents.

Each unit will be comprised of an efficient 550 sf one-bedroom unit. Two units could be combined to create one two-bedroom unit and one studio unit. All interior finishes will be completed in the factory, including bathrooms and kitchens, with final pointing and painting of the interior drywall completed on-site. Openings in the drywall ceilings and walls will allow for connections of structure, plumbing, mechanical and electrical. It has been projected that up to eighteen of the modular units can be set in one week. Windows and doors will be installed, but final exterior cladding will be done on-site. All the units will be set over a concrete podium above a single below grade parking level.

The project will seek LEED Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, and part of this effort will include integrating a sustainable specification into Deluxe System’s construction of modular units.

The project has been completed through Design Development, and is currently on hold.

The project was awarded the 2009 AIA|DC Washington Unbuilt Awards Honor Award.