Strong project management is one of the hallmarks of our firm. It’s not as simple as saying, “on time and on budget,” it’s about providing leadership and organization to the entire owner/consultant team. Many of our projects involve scores of consultants, multiple review agencies and often more than one client. To successfully manage complex projects, Hickok Cole has developed a variety of proprietary software tools and management techniques, each focused on the common goal of successfully implementing a great design.

Our Strengths

Every firm has a set of strengths that separate it from all others. Beyond our strength in design, we have a distinct ability to drive challenging projects to completion. We excel at complex projects where the standard solutions just don’t apply. Complex projects can take years to design and even longer to build. We are able to see the big picture and maintain focus for ourselves and our clients.

We get projects approved. The firm has strong working relationships with all of the regional jurisdictions. In the District we work closely with the Office of Planning, Historic Preservation Office, the BZA and the CFA. We understand the zoning regulations and how to best apply them to the problem at hand. In Montgomery County we have developed a strong reputation of working closely with MNCP&PC, both downtown and in the suburbs. In Virginia, we are very familiar with the requirements in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, and in particular, the 4.1 Process in Arlington and the architectural review requirements in Alexandria.

Construction Management

The goal of great management is to reduce our client’s risk by making the process of design and construction smooth and trouble-free. Hickok Cole provides the leadership, the resources and the structure necessary to support the General Contractor and to represent our clients throughout the construction phase. Staff members providing construction administration are the same staff who design and document the project, assuring continuity and coordination.

Quality and Control

At Hickok Cole we are as proud of our reputation as a technically sophisticated firm as we of our reputation as a design firm. We understand that the quality of the documentation and detailing cannot be separated from the quality of the design. Whether we’re detailing the most complex curtain wall or the most elaborate millwork, we are constantly putting our work to the test through a series of peer reviews. These peer reviews occur at every phase of a project, from schematic design through construction documents.

Management Tools

The most important aspects of a successful project are management of the schedule, management of team communication, and management of decision making and team responsibilities. Our management philosophy is based on the concept of schedule. It is our responsibility to work with our clients and consultants to identify the critical milestones and critical points of coordination. The success of the project depends upon those milestones and ensures that the entire team is prepared to complete each task.

Our approach to the management of communication is built around the concept of a single point of contact. Every project communication will flow through Hickok Cole’s Project Director, and we will ensure that each consultant designates a similar responsible party. The aim is not to limit communication, but to ensure that during the entire process we are aware of every issue or concern that might affect the success of the project.

At the outset of each project, and with input from all team members, we document the goals of every meeting or presentation, the tasks required by each team member for that meeting, and the steps and coordination required.