Patrick Gegen

Director of Design

“Branding is storytelling. It’s how you communicate your values. It’s not limited to a logo or a color palette. It’s operational, it’s experiential, it reflects who you are and who you want to be.”

Originally from North Carolina, Patrick is a seasoned project manager and senior designer, specializing in experiential and branded environments. He lived in New York City for over a decade, working on flagship retail stores and workplaces for Fortune 500 firms, before relocating to Richmond, VA. Melding his background in theatre with architecture and interiors, he recognizes the importance of storytelling and integrates authentic and tailored experiences into every project. As Design Director, Patrick leverages his expertise to guide the next generation of designers and promote an innovative and collaborative design culture within the firm. Patrick is also an adjunct faculty member at VCU School of the Arts.


Senior Associate



Master of Architecture, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Art History, College of Charleston


Interior Design


Lifestyle, Office, Workplace