Happy 2014, everyone, and welcome to Hickok Cole’s new blog concept.  This year on our blog we’re embracing design holistically.   That means you’ll see posts on everything from architecture to color, from emerging neighborhoods to restaurants, from photography to style, and from cap rates to condo trends.

Also, meet me, your new author, Kate Maxwell.  I’m Hickok Cole’s Director of Business Development, meaning I lead and organize all of our future projects and relationships.  While I hail from the South, I’m now a Washingtonian – my husband and I just bought a house near the H Street Corridor.   When I’m not at work I enjoy jogging, reading (my new 2014 subscription is to Fortune Magazine), experimenting with photography, and organizing… well, everything.  I’m feeling pretty good about 2014, especially after a dare-I-say fairly positive message at DCBIA’s Annual Capital Markets Outlook.

So, as many of us make New Year’s resolutions and postulate about 2014, what is on my radar?

1 Rose’s Luxury opened just weeks ago and is already #11 in Washingtonian’s top restaurants list. Try the strangest thing on the menu and I promise it will be delicious. | 2 wearable technology, like Branch’s concept for Wired Magazine | 3 Pantone’s color of the year, radiant orchid. This one isn’t in my person palette but alright. | 4 Studios’ design for Arent Fox in DC winning Interior Design Best of Year award, proving on an international scale that DC can be design-centric | 5 Micro-units, micro-units, micro-units (layout by Add Inc) | 6 Aaron Wiener’s argument for why DC actually does need more housing | 7 I 100% agree with Washington Business Journal’s assertion that DC’s strong workforce makes it an attractive location for tech companies