On Thursday, September 19, Hickok Cole won the Haute Couture Award at 2013 Cosmo Couture DC. The annual fundraising event is produced by IIDA’s Mid-Atlantaic Chapter to benefit My Sister’s Place. The design theme for this year’s competition was exotic birds found at the National Zoo.

Hickok Cole’s team found inspiration in the bold graphic nature of the Keel Billed Toucan, its textured color blocking and the aesthetic counterbalance of this perennially social species of South America. Design team member, Samantha Messerly explained, “We’ve found that our work in cork has offered the freedom of exploring flexible, light forms that channel the dynamic counterbalance of the swooping beak and tail of the Toucan. Various construction techniques were used to mimic feathers and the patterning of tropical plant roots of the bird’s natural habitat, such as feathering, weaving, braiding, and layering.”

Hickok Cole Partnership:
Capri Cork
represented by Kevin Dunn, Spartan Surfaces

Chicken Wire and Capri Cork Rubber/Cork Products

Images from top to bottom:
Design Sketch; HCA Model Blaine Canfield with Suzanne Tick; dress detail: woven Capri Cork; Blaine on the runway; the Hickok Cole design team pictured with Kevin Dunn and Suzanne Tick